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Re: lol

Why not email BT ceo or chairman and complain? or better still ring there london office I know a man who went to the london office and had it out with BT and they got it resloved like that.

Really I understand your grief dealing with BT we all have itand they should be consentrating on getting stuff right and pain free but dont for some reason. Complaing here is good as it goes into google search and people can see the problems others have with BT but the people here are only BT minions and volenteers so have no real control over BTs bad service and believe me I've seen a lot of bad practice by BT from miss seling BT hardware to my mother and lieing out and out to Bt customers, missleading software of which they got told to sort out lol, my fav was when they told my friend I was there he had 14mbs he said no I have .5mbs and sometimes none all the time knowing there was a fault in the area the indain call center guy said your speed is Ok and hung up. I have so many horror storeies I have started to record my phone calls to BT and told others to do the same and save all data to use in there defense so Bt can't lie in the future and say no we didnt they can go yes you did heres the data.

BT are a big company who always refuse that any wrong has been done and BT customers are angry its no suprise they have been most complained about provider to offcom and to watchdog on UK TV.

But mate no point swareing at these guys there not in control and do a good job for people.

I have had  a few posts taken down for other reasons normaly I'm getting mad at the useless ceo and chairman they like to get cheap labour in forign countries and exploit people and by doing so anger Bt customers with a below poor service.