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Recomendations on Hub 5 replacement ??

Right, had enough of the hub 5 its simply pants ! The broadband disconnections continue, had the line tested, engineer back out but anything between 20 and 1000 minutes and its disconnecting itself.  So I want to pull this piece of junk out and stick in my own modem/router. Who else has changed the router, what are you using, and morimportantly any brand model too avoid. This might get bump somewhere else but think it belongs in this category, cos its connection issues that are at the root of my issues !

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Re: Recomendations on Hub 5 replacement ??

Most popular router/modem is tplink and billion or get openreach modem from auction and use the hh5

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Re: Recomendations on Hub 5 replacement ??

I've just installed the Asus DSL-AC68U & so far it seems to be working pretty well. I think some reviews said that the line stability was an issue - not  as bad as the H5 - but recent firmware updates seem to have fixed that.


At around £160-170 it's not cheap but seems worth it to me.

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Re: Recomendations on Hub 5 replacement ??

So far the Zyxel 8924 is working great for me, slightly better than my Billion 8800NL, and better than both Openreach modems. It has the advantage of allowing you to read the stats through an appropriate software.

I do have to say that my Home Hub 5 Type B gives a very slightly higher downstream, but also gives a lower upstream, and obviously I don't know what errors it produces.

The Asus DSL-AC68U was a nightmare for me, even with the newest firmware. If you do go for the Billion you may well find that the latest firmware with 0.39 DSL driver does not work well, and produces a lot of errors. The latest firmware for the Zyxel works brilliantly for me.

I am on a Huawei DSLAM and Infinity 2.


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Re: Recomendations on Hub 5 replacement ??

TP Link TD- W9980 working fine for me, £65-70 from BT shop or other sources.

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Re: Recomendations on Hub 5 replacement ??

TP-Link W9980 for me too. Very good reviews for it and one of the cheapest single box alternatives there is. All my HH5 issues disappeared when I swapped over. There are some alternatives that get better reviews but they generally cost a lot more.

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Re: Recomendations on Hub 5 replacement ??

thanks for the replies. Yes the d link looks to do whats required. if its working for others, and at its price point it looks a total no brainer to buy. Any views on linksys gear ? have replaced isp supplied modems with two linksys in the past, worked well for me then, but are they just rebadged belkins now ? I know bt/ openreach dont use vectoring, but think they are running trials. Is it worth a bit of "future proofing" with something like the zyxel ? have seen it for £130.  Anyway, thanks for the recommendations !