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Replacing old phone line

I have recently been building an extention on my house and apon digging the foundations I located the existing bt phone line running from the pavement to the house , this line was not in the normal state I would expect to find a bt cable in , im a builder by trade and this cable is literally just two copper bare wires spiralling around some kind of insulated metal cable , the bt line looks corroded and in bad shape and I'm looking for help to get this line replaced ASAP as the driveway will be getting reworked aswell it's an ideal time for bt to replace , any help or info on this would be greatly appreciated  , 

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Re: Replacing old phone line


Welcome to this user forum for BT Residential phone and broadband customers.

You would need to contact Openreach about this.


They may only be able to help if you have an existing service, or have placed an order with a service provider for broadband.