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Restoring WhatsApp backup

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I have installed Factory setup to a Galaxy A71 mobile. Before doing so I made backup of WhatsApp chats.  Now when I have re-installed WhatsApp to the re-set phone, a message comes to tell be to install the back up for which I need a password.  I have forgotten the password. In order to change the password I get a message to go to settings / Chats/ and so on. However I cannot find the usual 3 dots at the top of the WhatsApp screen to get into Settings.  How on earth can I proceed.?  If I skip this action, to complete the re-installation of WhatsApp, I am told I will lose all access to the back up I thought I had so carefully made. (Stupidy I lost the password and in fact cannot even remember giving one.)

I am completely lost and any help would be greatly received.


Thank you


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Re: Restoring WhatsApp backup

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WhatsApp has nothing to do with BT. 

I would suggest you look on the WhatsApp Help pages

or seek out a WhatsApp forum on the Internet.