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Shocking shocking BT customer service

Well after trying to join BT since the 20th of Jan i have given up and gone to Virgin.


First order cancelled due to errors in the sales team!


Second order cancelled due to line being active of property im moving to!


Ive had (foreign call centre) had the phone put down on me after asking for the name of who i was speaking to and call ref log with intention of complaining.


Been told when i enquired to be put in the direction of complaints that "no one will help you".


When tried to complain was told they are only the specialist team, after a ten minute call towards the end i reiterated i need to complain and was told that i can only complain to the person i was speaking to!!!!!!!!!!! oh then they hung up?


The only real help i have received is from the call centre based in UK, but i fear after asking for everthing i have on order to be totally scrapped i may well not hear the last of this, probably will get charged now for a service i have never received, watch this space??


Truly horrendous experience as a potential new customer, never never again.


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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

I feel your pain.  Its a weird experience dealing with BT, kind of like punching fog.


I've worked in several industries where Customer service isn't a seperate entity, its part and parcel of the job you do.


Management need to bear the following in mind;


Peoples time on this planet is limited; we measure that time in seconds, minutes, hours, days and years.  This is the quantity of their life.  When your staff waste customers time, either through lack of training, poor motivation or incompetence they are meaninglessly wasting a portion of their customers lives.  Why would you do that to another human being ?


Sorry, I'm in an odd BT induced fog at the moment 🙂



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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

Agreed. This can't go on surely? I had to laugh earlier, I got through to a uk call centre earlier after around 40mins and was met by a pleasant chap who explained there was no one that I could complain to and that the so far poor service and lack of connection after a month was "just one of those"! Priceless .

To make matters worse I then heard the familiar iPhone ringtone go and he actually asked me to "hold on a sec" while he took his personal call. When I asked for his name, the phone went dead
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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

Well just as I thought, I knew BT would do this, can I have my money back please for a service I never received *sigh*
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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

I'm sorry yet unsurprised to hear that webbz 😞


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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

Same story,

I ordered BT over 3 weeks ago just to find out my order was miraculously canceled half way through.

Fruitlessly tried to contact the call center and after 30 mins on the line with India nobody would know what BT is but i was told I should wait till midnight anyway as the moon tends to solve all the technical issues on their lines:)


Then when i started screaming at them i was assured 3 times on 3 separate calls that my order has "just" been registered before it actually has been registered 8 hours later on the final call as i could track it online.


If you are as naive as me to go for BT thinking they provide the best service because they are the most expensive provider out there dont make the same mistake as i did 🙂


By the way, im still waiting haha



A funny thing, they actualy have a "reffer to a friend" marketing campaign, they should change it to "reffer to your nemesis" i bet they would get much more interest 🙂








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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

Now they issued a bill 2 weeks backwards starting from the original date.

I was given a final date 5 pm today. If I come back home and see the broadband offline and then cancel the order and contract do I have to pay them anything like early cancellation fee and the bill? Their contract says if I resign before the service goes live I should be reimbursed all the costs and shouldn't pay any fees but the thing is they have already connected my phone I didn't ask for just a prerequisite for the actual service
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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

They really don't like new customers do they!!

I had a call from bt yesterday saying that because I canceled the order then the account is closed, not that they canceled order!! But any way I asked will I get refunded the monies bt have taken, yes ......... 3rd of March wtf, I asked to speak to someone higher, put me through to billing team, I'm now in a que, phone goes dead *sigh* surprise surprise, I can see me at this rate taking bt to court, might actually get somewhere then?
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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

Hi Webbz & lenin78


I am very sorry that you are having trouble with BT.  I'll be happy to help and get this sorted out for you both.


Could you drop me in an email please? Use the 'contact us' form in my forum profile under the 'about me' section. You can find it by clicking on my username.



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Re: Shocking shocking BT customer service

what a nice suprise for the weekend, they actually fixed it by the given deadline 🙂