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Signing in to the BT Community issue


I had a problem signing in from my iPad so used the Forgot Password link and entered email address but never received an email to reset the password. I tried a few times but no joy. However I realised that I don’t syncs passwords on my laptop and managed to retrieve my password from the laptop which worked on the iPad.

Once logged in I tried the send a posted message  to a friend option and entered my apple email. Didn’t receive the email and did check the junk folder. So I updated my email address using another apple email address but  but didn’t receive a verify email. I tried resending the verify again but still not received. I changed my email to a btinternet one I rarely use and got the confirm email address email. I also got the email when I used the BT Internet address to send a message to a friend option.

It appears there is a problem somewhere with  apple emails addresses with Can anyone help as I would like to revert to my initial original iCloud email address.




Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Signing in to the BT Community issue

Good morning @Addy,

Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.  I am sorry that you have not been receiving Community notification to your ICloud email address, I am not aware of any issues but I would definitely like to investigate.

 I will need to raise a support ticket into our suppliers to have them investigate the experience you have described.  If possible can you please let me know what you ICloud email address is?  You can send it to me via private message, or reply to the email I sent you this morning.

Once I have these details we can get to the bottom of this.  



Community ManagerSeanD
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Re: Signing in to the BT Community issue

Hello @SeanD 

I have just replied to your email.