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TSG - Bad Communication & No Show


I moved into a new build property that doesn't have  an aerial fitted last week. I realised BT supplied a service to install, so contacted BT on Monday - they advised they would pass me on to TSG for a £30 charge and they would install the aerial.  I would be contacted within 24 hours to confirm a date for the appointment.

On Monday night, I got a text from a number saying that the engineer would be attending tomorrow (yesterday, Tues 26th) to install and I would get a call by 9am to confirm the ETA.  There was no call, and no engineer turned up. To be fair this was quicker than my expectations, but I thought great! The TV would be up and running quickly. 

I contacted TSG last night at 4:45pm directly who advised me they would contact the engineer to get in touch, no phone call. I've reached out to the engineer directly, no answer and his voicemail is full (surprise, surprise - somebody who is impossible to get hold off).  Rang TSG again this morning who said again they would contact the engineer, but still not heard anything.

A long time ago I worked at Sky and am well aware of sub-contracting work out like this, but these third party aerial companies/TV engineers can perform poorly and you can quickly fall into the black hole of nobody taking responsibility and no work getting done. 

Anyone had a similar experience and can offer any ways out of this? 

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Re: TSG - Bad Communication & No Show


Maybe worth looking here: BT Terms and Conditions 

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