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Telecoms Company Customer Service



I have always been with BT for my phone & Internet. I have no experience of other providers of phone and internet. Just a quick scan of messages in the BT Community seems to show a significant number of customers who are dissatisfied with BT customer service/support. A couple of thoughts :


A. Obviously there is a bias in gathering data from this site as in general those who are satisfied with the service that they are getting from BT don't generally post on this site. However it does seem reasobable to suggest that the number of dissatisfied BT customers is not insignificant.


B. For those of you who have had experience of other providers of phone and internet services did you find that in general the provision of customer support was better/same/worse than BT ?


C. Is there an independent source for provision of assessment of performance of internet/phone service providers - and in particular the provision of effective & efficient customer support ?

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Re: Telecoms Company Customer Service

Just for context. BT have millions of customers, so looking at the number of complaints on this site and others shows that proportionally, its very small amount that have issues. I would also suggest viewing my post in The Lounge (sorry for lack of a link), regarding peoples perception of what is good or bad customer service to assist with your other questions..

1. Is hub in the right 'hole'? If you have a '2-hole' socket, put the ADSL cable into the small square hole...
2. Make sure you are connecting to the correct 'SSID' e.g. BTHub6-1234
3. If you 'work from home', use a business line, not a residential line.
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Re: Telecoms Company Customer Service

people visit this site because they are having problems with their phone/broadband/tv or mobile. So suggest that is why there is a large number of dissatisfied customers. It would be the same for Virgin, talk talk, etc etc.
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Re: Telecoms Company Customer Service

You can likely find reviews of ISPs and their customer service or lack thereof, somewhere online.  As for myself can't say I've had any issue that wasn't fixed by getting a proper router.  As for the BT personnel, the Openreach engineers were very professional.  When first had the line activated at current address, it was discovered the cowboy builders hadn't connected the line to the wall socket, just left it loose under the floor.  The BT guy said 'No problem I can drill through the wall and fix a socket wherever you want.'

The young lady who installed the Infinity was very professional as well,  ran tests and didn't leave till she checked how things were working with one of the PC's both wired and wireless.

Not exactly necessary in this case but just doing her job well.

However, the Indian call centre script readers are another matter.  Though never had the misfortune to use their 'service'.

BE on the other hand had people on the phones who actually knew what they were doing.  They listened and didn't insist on the silly tests that anyone with half a brain did themselves before resorting to the phone call.

NTL were duff.  Insisting fault was customers until I took the phone from the customer and informed him I was the pc tech support manager from the place the guy bought his PC.  'Ah, well we have a network problem at the moment.' Says NTL guy.

Telewest seemed professional the one time I called about an issue, admitted there was a fault being dealt with and I would be compensated for the inconvenience.

So, make of that what you will.  Doubt Virgin media will be top notch either.  They get too big and stuff goes downhill.  All the good ones have been absorbed by the big companies.