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This is what BT have come to

Spent 1.5 hours on the phone to BT this morning discussing their poor broadband performance. This is the umpteenth time over the past two weeks, following a period from 23rd May when the performance has not achieved what they stated. After they tried to fob me off again, I said that I would not be able to speak any further and politely said goodbye. Since then they have been ringing my landline and mobile and leaving messages of VERY loud 'on hold' music. It is an obvious act of revenge from the Indian technical (laugh) help centre. (I have kept the messages as evidence). This is what BT have come to. I have requested a MAC number. This is after >20 years with BT, during which time I hadn't realised that the letters stood for British Trash! Maybe it should be renamed IT. You can use your imagination for what the 'I' stands!

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Re: This is what BT have come to

Sorry to here about this. I heard a lot of bad stories about BT so that's why I'm not with them
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Re: This is what BT have come to

I agree with your opinion of BT - its very sad - used to be good.


I 've had a BT phone line for very many years and BT broadband for about 3 years.  Every time it rains heavily, my broadband and sometimes my phone line go down.   I have made dozens of calls to the helpdesk in India but they just follow pre-scripted help sheets which are a complete waste of time.  Last time though, I spoke to a chap nicknamed "Reg" (Random Excuse Generator) by  another dissatisfied forum contributor.  Reg has many polite excuses for every problem known to man e.g. that BT Vision was unavailable because it was peak viewing time!  In desperation I wrote to BT but haven't had a response.


Sadly, I'm reaching the end of the line with BT.  Today I rang customer services to ask if there would be any termination charges from BT when I switch to another provider.  (One which offers broadband via a cable rather than national network connection.)  Spoke to someone very English sounding but the guy just launched into a load of sales babble about BT Infinity.  When I asked him why he was going off on this tack, he explained that he was reading from a prompt sheet!  He continued his sales babble and said that he could tell from my records that I had never reported a fault during the 25 years I had a phone line from BT so why was I changing!! I pointed out that I have made dozens of calls to report faults and explained the problem with the connections in poor weather conditions.  He said that BT couldn't help the weather and that there was probably a fault with the phone line.  He then launched off again into the sales pitch!! 


Just heard a rumble of thunder so I'll send this before my line goes dead again.



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Re: This is what BT have come to

Hi if you check the broadband and phone service status boards you will see that there are reported network problems across the uk causing problemswith both broadband speed and phone lines due tothe current weather problems
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Re: This is what BT have come to

I do check the service board sometimes when I can get on line in between the showers but it's not helpful when your phone and broadband is down. Perhaps the call centre in India could try this instead of advising people to dismantle their phone sockets as per the prompt sheets?

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Re: This is what BT have come to

you can also use the status phone line on 08001690199
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Re: This is what BT have come to

The problem with my BT connection is that my phone goes dead when it is raining , snowing or windy and my broadband doesn't work.  This means that I can't access the service status bumph either on-line or by phone.  Not a lot of help then is it? 


Had a look today between showers though and it was full of weather warnings.  Why would people log on to BT to look for weather warnings?  What next - travel news?  Potato blight warnings? Recipes? Adverts? 


Glad I'm moving on.  Farewell BT old friend.






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Re: This is what BT have come to

Hi Montyponty,


If you go to another service provider/ ISP that uses copper cables then that ISP/service provider is likely to use BT Wholesale's network. The majority of the UK's copper line infrastructure is maintained and rolled out by BT Wholesale (BTw) and BT Openreach.


BT Retail (a service provider/ ISP who are equal to any other like TalkTalk, Sky, Orange, etc...) do not maintain BTw's network so it is likely the problem will still exist with any other service provider / ISP.


There have been many problems with the telecommunication infrastructure in the UK during the last month. This has been caused by flooding and severe weather that has caused problems with connections and BT Openreach are having to prioritize there service to those who have lost complete connection. This has caused a slight backlog.


Hope you get it fixed soon,



jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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