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Update driver software

Hi guys

           I keep getting plagued my what looks very official from Microsoft windows to download a program to  check whether my drivers for my different equipment are up to date.I downloaded the software and after a scan it was reveiled 9 drivers out of date.To fix these I had to register the product.This meant I had to pay for the service(Microsoft?).I immediately uninstalled the program after which my virus program flagged up that it had quarantined a Trojan. Fake or not?

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Re: Update driver software

Its fake, do not install it.

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Re: Update driver software

Any downloads that you need from Microsoft will come via Windows Update or if you go onto their official website and download stuff from there.


Anything you get asked to download from an email is almost always some form of scam, virus or malware and should never be clicked on and downloaded.


You need to urgently run a virus scan on your computer and also a malware check. You can download and run the free program Malwarebytes  which will scan and delete any malware that has been installed on your computer.

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Re: Update driver software

Hello I'd run a couple of anti malware and rootkit scanners to see if you are infected the two I would recommend would be 

Malwarebytes Antimalware


Kapersky Tdsskiller


Both are free to use make sure with malwarebytes antimalware you run the full can and with Tdsskiller you enable all the check box's it will ask you to reastart your pc before it scans. If they do find anything let them remove it and do a second scan to make sure it has gone as some malware these days can be a pig to get rid of. If you need any help PM me or I wont see you need help as I'm not here much and will see it if it goes to email.

To check that all your hardware is upto date you dont need software just open Device Manager and for each driver you can right click on it and choose update driver software it wil then check the net for new drivers and no need to install more software. For anything else just update it manually. 

Hope you don't find any thing good luck.