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Used to love bt not any more now the Bullies are in India

I used to be able to praise BT customer services, but not now days now days your lucky if you get someone who understands a word you are saying.


It's frustrating when you are trying to get the call centers to do a easy task such as changing the direct debit date as I am on benefits. Thanks bt I just was forced to use all my Benefit to clear bill as was promised to be allowed till the 20th July.


Not only are the call centre staff rude they do not listen to their customer, I repeatly asked to be transfered to an english call centr. The only way to get that to happen is to click the complaint link below in contact us. Used to be I priased BT on their customer serivices but Indians insiit on just adding charges at will onto top of your bill.


I am totally disgusted by BT after me even extending contract a few months. I will be leaving and moving to zen internet the first chance I can get. Rather pay for english support that people dont understand english. BT Take note your customers do not want Indian call centers !!!!!

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Re: Used to love bt not any more now the Bullies are in India

Hi @david39ni and welcome.


I'm really sorry to hear you're unhappy with the service you've received from BT. If you have a specific issue or complaint please post in the relevant board and the community will try to help.





Community ModeratorDaveM
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