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Very poor customer service

As soon as Virgin Media can offer me a fixed IP address with their broadband package I will be very likely to cancel my phone line and BT infinity.


I currently have a BT phone and BT Infinity 2, I also have a Virgin Media package with phone line and Broadband.


As chance would have it, today I have no dial tone on either my BT phone line or my Virgin media phone line.


Poor customer service

After calling BT I have been told that I must stay with out any ability to make or receive calls on this line until an initial engineer visit in 6 days time and that I might be charged £99 if the fault is beyond the master box (I suggest it is more likely related to the work they did recently in my street for someone else).


Good customer service

After calling Virgin I have been told that an engineer will be with me tomorrow to fix the problem.


Poor service

With BT, my 80/20mb broandband line has been giving me just 5/5mb in recent weeks and it drops out almost daily.


Good service

Fortunately, for many things I can jump on my Virgin network, which has given me the advertised 60mb since installation with almost no problems.


Every experience I have with BT is negative, this includes miss-selling packages on the phone and then withdrawing them; troublesome installations with clueless engineers; admin screw ups putting the other peoples business names on my account; billing screw ups charging me for services that have already been cancelled when I moved my first phone line to Virgin; leaving me without any inbound or outbound calls for 6 days before you send an engineer round to fix my line...and the list goes on.


BT, this is poor, very, very poor. Please get your house in order, put your customers first and consider what it means that the only reason I am still a customer of BT is because I have no choice and that I would recommend to anybody that asks me to use any other service provider if possible.





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Re: Very poor customer service

Hi Graham,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting. I’m sorry you’re having problems with BT. I’ll be happy to take a look for you. Please drop me an email with the details. You’ll find the “contact us” link in the about me section of my profile.


Community ModeratorDaveM
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