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Why is ADSL2+ rolled out so strangely?

So I was looking at some of the nearby exchanges within my area and noticed something very peculiar in terms of the ADSL2+ rollout.


I am currently connected to this exchange:


From searching, there is no plans yet to upgrade this exchange to support ADSL2+. It approximately serves about 1000 premises (the town in which I live does not have its own exchange, but is served from the one above, so one exchange is covering about two towns). As it's rural, Wholesale has the total control over this exchange.


However, I searched and found that a nearby exchange supports ADSL2+, yet it's coverage is far less than the one above:


Although SamKnows does not yet report that ADSL2+ / FTTC are available, if you use the dslchecker on the postcode for that exchange (using the address checker, enter the postcode only and just select any one of the entries to see the speeds), you'll see that most premises are listing ADSL2+ and FTTC availability. This is very strange to me, because the Rothes exchange covers less premises (about 650 residential premises and just shy of 40 businesses) and is also a Market 1 exchange, just like the Aberlour exchange, yet the Aberlour exchange is not being upgraded, despite covering a larger area and more businesses.


I would have thought that the Aberlour exchange would be upgraded as well, considering it's serving more buildings. I did take note that the structure of the exchange for each is different: the Aberlour exchange is a small brick building (rectangular) and has a large grey cabinet outside it (not the PCP/FTTC variety), but the Rothes exchange is a wooden hut.


Here's a google maps link to each exchange (feel free to remove if these are not permitted):

* Aberlour:,-3.2195541,3a,73.8y,138.38h,77.86t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sZkm...

* Rothes:,-3.2077151,3a,75y,151.32h,72.28t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIcpGk...


Any ideas as to why Openreach upgraded a vastly smaller exchange and not an exchange covering more buildings? Does exchange structure play a part in ADSL2+ upgrades?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Why is ADSL2+ rolled out so strangely?

I agree that the upgrade to 21CN and adsl2 looks haphazard but I'm sure it makes sense to the person making the decisions at openreach.  not a lot you can do but wait

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Re: Why is ADSL2+ rolled out so strangely?

It's probably because it may be easier (even if the exchange serves less customers) to upgrade the exchange due to other reasons e.g. investment etc.

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Re: Why is ADSL2+ rolled out so strangely?

@William_Grimsley Both the exchanges are "small" by real world standards. It's not like the exchange at Rothes serves that many businesses, the one in Aberlour serves many more businesses that would probably want an ADSL2+ connection lol). Would be nice if the town I lived in had its own exchange rather than feeding the one in Aberlour, but oh well.