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Why should we pay so much for so little?

So last year at a select comittee meeting someone said that every home will by the end of the year have download speed of 2mbps.

Since and despite a 150 odd million pound spend in Cornwall to roll out Superfast Broadband our broadband speed has actually got slower. It is now almost unuseable.

So having  not benefitted at all from the Cornwall investment in broadband we have been dissadvantaged by it. 

My question is why am i paying a premium price for broadband when our published expected speed has been downgraded by BT to 1mbps and we are unable to get online for 50% of the time we want to.

I feel i am being ripped off by BT who don,t care about their customers  and offer much better deals than we are on to new customers. Thanks you seem to be beyound belief customer care mmmmmm





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Re: Why should we pay so much for so little?

Hi @Moneyfornothing


Welcome to the forum.


I have moved your post to the lounge where it's more relevant as the content in the post doesn't relate to Youview (the board you had originally posted in).





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Re: Why should we pay so much for so little?

Thanks for that Robbie and your kind welcome

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Re: Why should we pay so much for so little?

Unfortunately the BDUK scheme has failed many people. I bet you are probably also on an exchange without LLU competition. Unfortunately the only thing you can really do is get on to your local MP to express your dissatisfaction with the situation, i.e. poor service and inability to get the best deals.

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Re: Why should we pay so much for so little?

Superfast Cornwall has failed Cornish rural areas - they focussed on the towns where there was enough demand to have meant BT would have provided it there anyway. Rural areas where there are only a few houses - like Crantock - have been left without any and no promise to extend to here. Shame on BT benefitting from public money and not helping the more rural areas - our children are missing out.
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Re: Why should we pay so much for so little?

Ps - BT also have the monopoly here - even sky will not provide broadband because the line is so poor. We can't even move to another provider so there is no need for BT to spend money and improve the service as there is no competition.
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Re: Why should we pay so much for so little?

The thing is, Openreach (not BT - common misconception), are not the only company who can lay cables / wires. All the other providers refrain from doing so because it is so expensive (apart from Virgin, who bought up all the smaller cable providers and use their infrastructure). So they wait for Openreach to do it, then rent their lines.
So competition not existing is due to other providers not wanting to compete, not from Openreach preventing competition.

This is a shame because many rural communities are suffering from very low speeds.

1. Is hub in the right 'hole'? If you have a '2-hole' socket, put the ADSL cable into the small square hole...
2. Make sure you are connecting to the correct 'SSID' e.g. BTHub6-1234
3. If you 'work from home', use a business line, not a residential line.
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Re: Why should we pay so much for so little?

There is a history of Openreach overbuilding to interfere with local projects eg