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BT TV - Disappointed - Keeps going to black screen

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We have had BT TV for a month or two and it is pretty rubbish. The picture goes black for several seconds every 10-15 mins when watching a recorded show/Netflix/BT Player. Most of the time it comes back after about 10 seconds. If we rewind it, it plays correctly, so it is not the recording that is bad.


Occasionally when this happens, it doesn't come back and we are left with a black screen requiring us to power off/power on the box. I am really frustrated with this now and am regretting being persuaded into taking this on. I haven't called BT customer services yet as I know they will probably just fob me off but that will be my next port of call.


Does anyone else have any experience of this? I have the latest firmware and have tried different HDMI cables etc.


Kind regards


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Re: BT TV - Disappointed - Keeps going to black screen

Hello @tomeh


I would be happy to discuss what you've been experiencing and see how I can help. Please Private Message me with either your home number or account number and I will be in touch.


Kind regards,


BT TV ExpertMartin--W
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Re: BT TV - Disappointed - Keeps going to black screen

Samsung TV?


BT's UHD box does not play nice with Samsung TV's.

You will just have to get used to your frequent blank screen moments because BT are incapable of correcting the issue.

I have tried many different 'so called BT engineers' but not one of them actually did anything constructive. Complaining only gets you passed between the incapable department and the idiotic department within BT, for the entire duration of your lengthy 12 month contract.



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Re: BT TV - Disappointed - Keeps going to black screen

Yes, Samsung TV. Still not resolved. Complete waste of money
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Re: BT TV - Disappointed - Keeps going to black screen

Does anyone have any suggestions to get round this issue? I have the exactly the same issue with the picture going black for a few seonds at a time randomly during playback. Although it usually takes 10 or 15 miunutes for the black screens to start occurring, once they do they are fairly frequent and eventually the sound goes as well. Also its not the recordings as if watch again get black screens at different places. Is a BT YouView+ box and a Samsung UE43J5500 TV.