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Can I keep the "You View" box?

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I have just left BT 6 months early from a 24 months contract due to price increases and have received a purple bag for the return of my TV box. Dince I have done nothing over the last 3 weeks I have since received two letters telling me I don't need my equipment so why not send it back so we can recycle it. I have moved to a provider who uses a youview box and as I only use it to record then it is still useful to me. As a number of queries in the community suggest I don't need to return the box if it is over 12 months into the contract. Should I ignor the letters, contact the senders or will I be charged for the non return of the box? The letter doesn't say I must send it back, it only says 'and if you want to help us become a greener company' - yes I beleive in being green but I also want to use the box!

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Re: Cancelled BT TV subscription: Can I keep the "You View" box?

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You can keep it, there is no need to send it back.



Forumhelp (Private website) Lots of additional information for BT Residential Broadband connections only.