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New channles to BTTV

Afternoon all ,As a customer to the BTTV service for about 5 years i have seen huge diffrences in apperances ,also channles added .


But as from late 2016 -2017 present we dont seam to be getting any new channles added ,I know we have had box nation but this is purely either drama or movies i asking about.


Any new news on the BTTV service would be great.

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Re: New channles to BTTV

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In the past year BT have added Discovery Science and Discovery Turbo and HD versions of W,Alibi,Universal Channel have also been added.
BT don't seem to announce any news on new channels untill they arrive or the week they are due to come to BT TV. I'm 97% happy with the channels BT TV offer the now. There is 2 or 3 channels that I don't watch or heardly watch at all but you get that no matter what provider you are with.


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Re: New channles to BTTV

E4 HD and Film4 HD would be great to have, considering they're not "premium" channels in the first place.