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YouView On Demand help



Im getting a little confused.. 

If i press the BT Vision button on my remote it opens up a libary of programs etc which arnt free to me as i have the TV Essesntail.


BUT if i press the You View button it opens Players such as ITV, BBC etc and kids shows etc.. Are these free??? or will i get charged 50p as they are called On Demand.... 





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Re: YouView On Demand help

The players -- iplayer and 4od, etc. are free for everyone. The on-demand films,etc. under the BT button may or may not be free depending on what package you are on but the price should be clearly displayed and (unless you switched this functionality off) you'll be prompted to enter your PIN before any payment is charged.

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Re: YouView On Demand help

The TV Essentials package gets you :

1. The YouView Box
2. All viewing of On Demand discounted against any usage allowance in place.
3. Access to BT Sport if you have infinity
4. Access to the BT App where you can browse what is available and choose to buy or not buy as you see fit.
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