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sky sports on bt you view

Can anyone please help -  I'm being driven crazy by conflicting BT customer services.


I currenlty have a BT vison box/BT Broadband  with added sky sports package.


I received an email recently prompting me to upgrade to 'you view' box.  I think this is compulsory.


On calling, to order the you view box  upgrade, I asked if my sky sports add on would be affected and no-one really has a clue.


I;ve had 4 different answers


1 -  no change to sky sports package on upgraading to you view.


2 - no sky sports package option  with you view.


3 - sky sports option on you view only with bt infinity  (no infinity available to me)


4 -  and the astonishing - if you're not happy go elsewhere (possibly the best option!)


can anyone please help they are driving me  mad

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Re: sky sports on bt you view

[ Edited ]

well looking at Bt Tariff guide  it does currently say


Sky Sports 1 and/or Sky Sports 2 are only available on YouView, YouView + and YouView + Ultra HD set-top boxes if provided over BT Infinity



I will move the thread to the youview subforum where there may be people with similar experiences.


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Re: sky sports on bt you view

It's definitely infinity only for sky sports. The only channels available to adsl on bt is bt sports and amc and there in standard definition only on adsl. All other live channels require infinity.

You can get access to bt music, kids on demand and sky movies on demand only on adsl but again no live channels and it probably won't be of interest to you anyway as no sky sports.

Also bt youview don't carry sky sports 5. Only 1 and 2 in SD and HD are available and that's if your Area gets infinity.
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Re: sky sports on bt you view

Hi scotsbud,


It sounds like you are on ADSL2plus currently which has the following channels avaliable, all in SD:



BT Sport 1
BT Sport 2
BT Sport 3
BT TV Preview
BT Sport//ESPN
Sky Sports 1
Sky Sports 2
Sky Sports 5 ***
BT Sport X1
BT Sport X2
BT Sport X3
BT Sport X4
BT Sport X5
BT Sport X6

BT Sport X7



*** Sky sports 5 was only ever avaliable to BT Vision customers as a freebie and not on YouView


In Summary, if you upgrade to YouView then you will still have Sky Sports 1 & 2 in SD





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Re: sky sports on bt you view

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Re: sky sports on bt you view

just dont ever get another box as you can't have Sky Sports with two boxes. Rather annoying Sky.