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3rd party router ideas NEEDED


I am just wondering if you can help me out. I am currently using a Cisco RV320 and it is perfect but it's missing one protocol.

With this router it allows me to create 3 VLAN's which I use for my cctv, TV streaming boxes and the rest of the house. With this I give the tv box streams a higher priority to reduce buffering. I also have my BT router bridging to my Cisco router using PPPoE.

The Cisco router gives out DHCP to each separate VLAN and also allows cross vlan interaction.

The only issue is the Cisco router does not support IGMP / Multicasting which is needed for the BT Vision to work.

Just wondering if anyone can suggest a router that can do all this
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Re: Router idea NEEDED plz

Welcome to this user forum.


If you are happy to use any suitable VDSL modem/router in conjunction with a managed Ethernet switch like the

NETGEAR GS108Ev3 8-Port Gigabit Smart Managed Plus Switch, ProSAFE

Which supports VLANS, QOS and rate limiting, then that would be a better option, as I am not aware of any VDSL modem/router which has what you want.



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Re: 3rd party router ideas NEEDED

Hello and thank you for your reply

Is that a switch with the IGMP Protocol?

My Cisco currently connects to my HP 1820-24G Switch J9980A. The HP switch does have IGMP snooping enabled and the Cisco does have pass though multicast enabled on the firewall but I still can't get the subscribed channels to work

With the switch having the IGMP snooping enabled I thought this was now a router issue. Plus with the HH5 in Bridge mode it's the Cisco rv320 that needs to go

Does this all make sense.

Also the link that was sent? Was that posted in 2013?? Only asking as won't that tech now be old
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Re: 3rd party router ideas NEEDED

Look at the specification, it has IGMP snooping.


As far as I am aware the HH5 cannot be put into bridge mode, this has been discussed many times on this forum. You would need to use a separate modem.


As far as the info that was posted by one of the moderators, this is still current, however there is a very long thread on this forum, discussing this issue.


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