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700MHz clearance event - 4 April - Mendip

This information is only for customers who receive their TV signal from the Mendip transmitter. That covers those living around Bristol, Somerset & Dorset. Freeview signals in these areas are being updated on Thursday 4 April 2019. 

Which channels are affected?
The change affects the Standard and High Definition versions of channels such as BBC1, BBC2, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

To continue watching some Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) channels on BT TV, You'll need to retune your TV equipment. Most will be able to get the channels back with a simple retune. But in a small number of cases, you may need to contact Freeview directly on 0808 100 0288 to get your aerial checked out.

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Re: 700MHz clearance event - 4 April - Mendip

Moderator Neil0 tells us that retuning, as will be required on April 4th, is 'simple'. It might be for him but for those of my generation (b1937) and living near the Bristol Channel it's not. A simple retune, as Neil0 describes often results in users finding their BBC Local News relates to welsh matters. Of course some might be tempted to ring the 0808 number as they might suspect they have a faulty aerial and no doubt a silver tongued sales person will sell them one which is unlikely to make any difference. The installer will get things working but at the next retune the same problem will reappear.  I suppose Neil0 will say one needs to carry out a 'simple manual retune'. When I mention multiplexors, manual tuning etc to many of my generation their eyes glaze over. In many cases they will have to seek help elsewhere, probably having to pay for it, three times between now and mid-June. I realise that up to date digital TV items enable one to enter one's location during tuning but thanks to the reliability of 'mature' equipment (e.g. Humax 9200T) which still work along with 'mature' elderly SD TV sets  (many of my generation don't benefit from HD) manual tuning is the only way one can keep viewing. IT AIN'T SIMPLE!

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Re: 700MHz clearance event - 4 April - Mendip

I agree, as I also live on the Bristol Channel coast and suffer the issues with the Wenvoe transmitter.

Many years ago I worked as a freelance tester for YouView (long before BT were involved) and constantly flagged up a requirement to be able to manually tune muxes to eliminate the problem where an ‘out of region’ transmitter with a much stronger footprint would always be loaded into the channel list. It has never been properly sorted.

The best we have is a ‘which region’ selection on retune but I have found I still regularly get BBC Wales prioritised even though I choose West.

There needs to be a manual tune option and much more user control over the scans ... like rescanning just a single multiplex if required, rather than binning the whole channel list.

Believe it or not but ours can be a success or failure depending on whether the tide is in or out. Even having an antenna that ensures the unwanted transmitter is in a nulled lobe we can still receive the unwanted transmitter at 100% signal and quality. In fact we can receive it even with no antenna plugged in.

So I agree, for some of us, a retune event is something far less than simple.
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Distinguished Guru
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Re: 700MHz clearance event - 4 April - Mendip

According to Youview

The changes to the Mendip transmitter will change the transmission of some BBC SD channels. This will not impact the BBC High Definition channels. You will need to retune after 09:00 on 4th April or you may receive a YVM302 error code on screen when trying to view the BBC SD channels.

If I understand correctly Freeview/Digital Uk are changing the frequency they broadcast BBCA multiplex on - typically this is the multiplex that has the BBC SD  and BBC radio channels on. . For a period  (until c 5thJune)the channels are expected to be broadcast on both the old  and new frequencies so you may find the simulcast channels  in positions 751 onwards.

Bottom line is if you receive your signal from Mendip transmitter you will need to retune.

I'm not sure what advice has been given about scheduled recordings but i suspect you may need to reset some.

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Re: 700MHz clearance event - 4 April - Mendip

Nice to see Trapdoor agrees with me. It's not simple. Prior to retuning one needs to go back to 'factory default settings' a term many are unfamiliar with, however having retuned one now has to remember what other settings need to be set to 'as they were' e.g on a Freeview PVR there's the 'Commercial Skip' function which will have changed. All very confusing.

One good thing about the Wenvoe transmitter being visible in Somerset. I have a friend living in Oldmixon area of WSM. She can't use the Mendip transmitter on account of a hill being in the way. She uses the Hutton relay transmitter but this only broadcasts three muxes. Despite Wenvoe transmitting horizontally polarised signals she can pick them up with her simple Yagi vertical aerial pointing towards Hutton. This is handy. She manually tunes the Hutton muxes (so she gets local news and no welsh language programmes) along with the muxes from Wenvoe which are not broadcast from Hutton. This enables her to watch all muxes. The Wenvo muxes she tunes to have programmes in English only.

Zulu17's input is welcome, I've looked at various websites which have resulted in me being confused. I had understood these changes at Mendip would have taken place overnight but this seems to be wrong. I'm picking up the usual BBC stuff at 8.00 a.m without retuning. Perhaps the changes will take place any time AFTER 9.00 a.m? Perhaps something has gone wrong? Zulu points out that until June 5th it is expected that old AND new frequencies will be transmitted simultaneously, I'll just have to wait and see.

Zulu17 is suspicion that scheduled recordings will need to be re-scheduled is correct if my memory serves me correctly.

It seems a shame they could not carry out all of these changes at the same time.

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