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Adding channels to a retail YouView box

I like the look of YouView and would like to buy a retail version (the 1TB DTR-T1010), to replace my Sky box next month.


I would also like to take some of the extra channels from BT but cannot move my broadband to Infinity (I already have Fibre), until September as I am under contract.


I am getting mixed messages from my research with BT about whether or not I can add a TV subscription to a retail box at a later date, so does anyone have a definitive answer?


As far as I can tell from my enquiries...


1. BT don't sell the silver 1TB version
2. You can add a TV subscription to a retail box
3. You can't add a TV subscription to a retail box
4. BT's additional channels will be available on YouView this summer via IPTV for Infinity customers


Many Thanks


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Re: Adding channels to a retail YouView box

Hm they do offer a sub for a retail box but appear not to know that they do. You need BT service for it however. As far as I understand it the BT app is only available if you have BT line and BB. Best bet is to wait till you can get Infinity. Get it installed and then order BTTV. By that time multicast channels should be available

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Re: Adding channels to a retail YouView box

This is a very fustrating area about BT that no one seams to know. I have being waiting 6 months for a clear answer and i got three conficting answers from members of staff .


I boaught my box before i had BT, now i have BT infinity i am interested in the extra channels but no one seams to know what to do. Its fustrating and im not willing to pay 5pound a month for a box i allready own that i dont ger anything extra.



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Re: Adding channels to a retail YouView box

Right hand and left hand springs to mind! Smiley Frustrated


They have been quite clear when it comes to BT Sport that if you have a retail box you will need Infinity and a BT TV subscription to view it (so they can clearly make this process work), and the evidence of the extra TV channels I seek being available on a YouView box is available to anyone with Google:


YouView to add live streaming channels


Recognise the channel names?


So I can only conclude that either BT staff really don't know this is happening or BT are convinced I will accept one of their boxes just to get the channels, which I won't.


I don't like the look of it (and don't get me started on that fugly new remote!), plus I want more storage space. Amazing really, all I want to do is give them money for something they are clearly going to offer...

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