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Amazon Prime Video kick out

Hi all, hopefully someone can help.

When I try to continue watching Amazon Prime Video (BT Box onto SamsungTV), it kicks me out of the App after about 2-10 minutes.

Historically it has been absolutely fine.  But at the moment, it's un-watchable.

It's not an internet connection thing.  As I can watch fine on PC (WiFi linked as opposed to hard wired) connected to the same router.

It's not a router issue, as I have re-set the router to clear any saved routes/caches.

I've even factory-reset the BT box to clear any caches and download the latest software (at the expense of my recordings).

Work flow is like this.
1. App select bar
2. Select Amazon Video
3. Wait as it loads .. select my profile
4. Select a show (continue or new, same difference ... either way it's logged me in and knows who I am)
5. Loading circle appears and stalls
6. 30 seconds later ... show starts
7. 2-10 minutes later
8. Kicked out of the App and returned to the regular "Select App" menu bar.
9. No warning and no error messages.

So what's the issue?
Any ideas anyone?

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Re: Amazon Prime Video kick out

Hi there, I am also having this exact issue with my Amazon Prime Video recently on my Youview BT Box. 

I was wondering if there is a fix coming? 

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Re: Amazon Prime Video kick out

Are those load times normal?  I ask because (on 900 FTTP) using Google TV selecting a move to play to it starting is under 1 second!!  Previously on FTTC initial load would have been under 3 seconds, initially at SD but scaling up to HD/4K with 5-6 seconds!

I only learn by making mistakes and owning up to them - boy do I learn a lot!
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Re: Amazon Prime Video kick out

No idea RE Google TV load time comparison.
For most stuff, there is a little lag to log in -> start playing a show. Once started, it's usually seamless. I use Netfix, Amazon (bugged as above) and BBC i-Player.
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Re: Amazon Prime Video kick out

@Max_Bryans what BT TV box do you have? Amazon have updated the Prime app in the past which has led to instabilities on some older Youview boxes.

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Re: Amazon Prime Video kick out

I’m having exactly the same problem as others - bt box kicking me out of Prime after a couple of minutes.

Box was brand new a month ago.

Everything else working ok  so come on BT can you take ownership of this and sort this please!

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