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Another BT TV Cancellation vs Equipment Return question

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Sorry, I know that this has been asked before on the forum. But I just want to check and experience with a BT customer care representive. Also, there hasn't been a discussion recently as far as I can find, and there's no discussion as far as I can see specifically referencing the 4K UHD Box.


I have just cancelled BT TV at the date at the end of my contract. The dates are the end of Aug'16 through to the end of Aug'17. The cancellation date is at the end of my contract, I can see that on My BT.


The customer care representative, at the end of the call, stated that I would recieve a 'bag to return the equipment'. This came as a surprise, but it wasn't challenged on the call. I should have done, I know. Therefore ...


Is this really so? Everything I've read on forums and such says this isn't mandated, rather it's a 'greener provider' initiative. Is that correct? Even for UHD boxes ordered last Aug?


I can not find anywhere in the emails I got from BT a stipulation that the equipment would have to be returned. There's no indication it was leased or hired, or anything like that. In fact, the order email from BT states ...


Outstanding equipment charges

If you keep BT Broadband or BT TV for at least 12 months, you won't need to pay for the equipment we've sent you. But if you cancel within 12 months, you'll need to pay any outstanding equipment charges for what's left of the 12 months. Have a look at for more information.


... which would seem to indicate that the equipment has been paid for (hence an outstanding balance would be required within the contract period)


Can I assume that there is not contractural, legal requirement to return the equipment?


Thank you for any thoughts


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Re: Another BT TV Cancellation vs Equipment Return question

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Simple answer is if you are at the end of your contract you DO NOT need to return the box or any other equipment. As you have stated from the T&C's the box is yours to keep. BT say they only give this as an option should you wish to recycle your old box but I also feel the wording of the email/phone advice is deliberately misleading to make you think you must return equipment you own. This has been a long running complaint from BT customers.

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Re: Another BT TV Cancellation vs Equipment Return question

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I raised a query recently about Entertainment Plus vs TV Essentials vs Entertainment Starter. I was told in a forum reply that I'd need to return my YV+ box ... which was quickly rescinded when I pointed out that I was past my minimum contract term. 🙂

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Re: Another BT TV Cancellation vs Equipment Return question

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Many thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Seems like there's a desire to get the boxes back, refurbish and reuse.


Sorry for the tardy response, the weekend didn't quite pan out as expected ...     😮

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