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Another 'failed to record' problem

I have a BT Humax DTRT4000 which is coming up to 2 years old. In the past couple of weeks it has failed to record at least 10 programmes. I checked this forum to see if others have had similar problems but they mostly seem to be Series Link related. In my case, they've been mostly films across a variety of channels including BBC1, E4, Film4 and, I think, one of the Sony channels.

High barometric pressure often causes signal loss and I thought that may have been the cause of the problem but even with low pressure I've been getting the same problem.

I did a factory reset on the box yesterday and set it to record 'Strike' via Series Link and a film, 'The Accountant' - both on BBC 1. 'Strike' recorded OK; the film however, didn't.

I've seen on other forums that people have had similar problems while recording while the box is in smart standby but it would definitely have been on when the recording started last night. When I start a recording and manually put the box in standby it continues to record.

I don't know exactly when this started but I'm wondering if it's caused by a software update; is anyone else having the same problem?

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