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Anyone using an Asus ZenWiFi AC/AX Mesh for FTTC & BT TV?

As I cannot split out the 2.4/5GHz SSIDs on the complete WiFi (SH2/Discs) and I need the extended coverage, I have ordered the Asus ZenWiFi AC3000 CT8 mesh. I see that it supports PPoE so presumably it'll be fine using my BT OR (HG612) modem to get connected.

However my main concern is IGMP. It is supported and the IPTV tab, from what I see in the manuals, looks very much like the AC68/88 screenshots I've seen. However, there is no longer an IGMP snooping option. From a forum I stumbled across,  it appears that Asus has implemented a new IGMP daemon (mcpd) that apparently sets up it's config by inspecting the WAN. There is a snooping option in the non-user editable config.

Has anyone else used an Asus ZenWiFi mesh with success when it comes to BT TV IGMP Multicast?

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