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Archived sticky posts

Here you can find an archive of our sticky posts. This list includes posts that may have been replaced by a more up-to-date version or are no longer relevant.


How to use the YouView from BT board 24-10-2012

Software update 30-10-2012

Errors BTV-251 and BTV-503 11-11-2012

Ask the Expert Live Discussion – YouView from BT ‎28-11-2012

BT Sport Board 13-05-2013

BT YouView Software update 05-07-2013

YouView iOS App Update July 2013 10-07-2013

UPDATED 25/11 - New software update rolling out to YouView from BT Customers 21-11-2013



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Re: Archived sticky posts

Hi Everyone,

Below are the links to some of our older Stickies that I have unpinned from the top of the board. 

Accessibility options - Software update19-02-2014

G4 box - 23-02-2014

New IP Channels - 28-02-2014

System update on June 23rd - Problems with accessing or playing on demand programmes - 20-06-2014

Temporary issue with BBC iPlayer - Issue resolved - ‎21-07-2014

National Freeview Retune - 3rd September 2014 - 01-09-2014

BT Player on Youview Rebrand FAQ's - ‎26-06-2014

Youview update 12-08-2014

New software - 01-10-2014

Quest Player available on YouView - ‎10-10-2014

BBC iPlayer Radio On Demand – Withdrawal - 24-10-2014

Automatic Software Update for October 2014 which i... - ‎27-10-2014

Arqiva launches range of channels on YouView - 27-11-2014

ITV Retune on Monday 2nd February - 30-01-2015

Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 2 on YouView and YouView+ - 16/12/2014

BBC I-Player – Make sure you are on the latest YouView software - 13/03/2015

4OD rebrand FAQs - 30/03/2015

Youview Usage - 12/02/2014

New BT TV Offerings - 29/04/2015

New Software Release on BT YouView - 01/04/2015

YouView Android app update April 2015 - 17/04/2015

iOS 7.0 Youview App update - 14/05/2015

Intermittent problems with BT TV channels on YouView - 15/05/2015

Changes to your subscription channel numbers - 20/05/2015

The latest version of YouView software - 27/07/2015

AMC to launch for the first time in the UK, exclusively from BT - 16/06/2015

Introducing Entertainment Ultra HD, including BT Sport Ultra HD - 17/07/2015

YouView Update Rollout - 11/08/2015

Pink or blank screen after switching your box on - 06/03/2015

YouView box update - 07/01/2016

New software update rolling out to BT YouView Customers - 05/10/2015

Sky Sports 1 and 2 in HD! - 15/10/2015

The Youview App version 8.0.6 is now available for iOS devices! - 27/08/2015

Netflix Buffering issue - 15/08/2015

New Software update for BT YouView+ Ultra HD boxes - 15/02/2016

Software H21.90.20 update for BT’s ultra HD box - 04/05/2016

Software release version H26.40.0 - 01/08/2016

UHD Box Software release 26.41.0 - 14/12/2016

Expanding on-demand programmes that are available with subtitles - 05/01/2016

Channel Update Day  28-07-2017

Why does my YouView box now have BT TV logos on-screen? - 22-03-2017

Get ready for your brand-new BT TV experience - 27-02-2017

Latest improvements to YouView - 24/11/2017 

Future box update - 17/01/2018

Software update for T1000 (H3) YouView box - 30/04/2018

Amazon Prime Video App on our BT TV 4K UHD box - 19/11/2018



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