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BT 4K UHD Box needs constant resetting / Freezes / Stuck

Hi Everyone.


Approx 12mths ago i took out a BT UHD/4K Package and received the new 4K Box which replaced my previous BT YouView Box. Within a few weeks i was noticing problems with the Box 

it would always work fine when in use and being watched BUT when left for few switched hours "off" during the day or overnight when I then wanted to turn on again the box would appear to be frozen and the standby lights would be blue but no picture would be present, i also could not switch the box on / off from the remote or the buttons on the box. All i could do would be to flick the 0/1 switch at the back and wait for it to power back on again - Very irritating

I would say over the course of a day this can happen 2-3 times in bad days - in some cases i finish watching something, hit power on remote to knock off then come in 15min later and the box won't "power on" from the remote, box stuck in "blue" and need to reset.

This issue is very annoying and i feel its a HW issue but wondering who else out there has got constant issues with tier BT 4K Box? Anyone got any ideas on how to address?!

Some more information:

Box standby mode is set to smart, no issue with box in use, records fine , picture good etc.

Box Auto updates on

Have done the box reset once (the one where you lose content as it wipes). Made no real difference

BT Fibre Broadband is hard wired to the 4k box

Using a magic eye (IR) to change channels/manage box

Using a Sony 2015 Smart TV, Sonos soundbar attached

Youview box is running on HDMI3.

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