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BT 4K to Denon2200

Hi not sure where I am posting this so just ignore if you want! Have these forums changed? I can't seem to find the usual page options.

Anyway, still having issues with Now TV. For some reason when watching Films [Sky Now] I very rarely get any picture stuttering or crashing. If I watch let's say Sky One / Atlantic sourced programmes from my watch list, then I can Guarantee the picture will freeze and must stop and re start.

Another issue is When I use my Denon 2200 av system it is touch and go if it all connects first time round. End up with a black screen telling me I am on hdmi4. Then must switch Denon off/on or go out of the Now app and re start, it's all getting a bit much. I sometimes do this several times.

HDMI is from BT DTRT 4000 to Denon, then passthrough to Samsung 4k tv. I am sure I have tried directly to TV then HDMI to Denon but I am sure I don't get the correct sound [DTS,X DOLBY ATMOS ] . Don't have any problems with any other app , Prime / Netflix/ Youtube .The whole point of getting this new box is to be able to play all sound codecs through my AV system for all the other apps I use.    I have sent a letter to BT saying I am not happy. When are the new boxes rolling out? I feel like going to Sky for TV.    

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