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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

MyBT is also now showing me the same message...I havent had a new box from BT for literally years. I have recontracted several times but am still in contract. What's going on BT?



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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

Similar problem for me - current BT TV customer in contract and not had anything change for ages other than when I recontracted at the start of the year they changed the package structure. My current TV box is years old.

Apparently you want my activation fee back for a reconditioned Youview Box. I've never had a reconditioned box.



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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the comments.  I am very sorry for the confusion that has been caused by you receiving incorrect messages about returning equipment.  I can imagine how confusing this must have been, especially those of you who have just taken service with BT or re-contracted your existing service.

After you kindly posted your comments here we fed this back into the correct team.  They have confirmed that this is, in fact, a mistake so if you have received one of these letters please ignore.  BT will be taking action to clear this messaging  The occasions that BT will ask for the equipment back are as follows;

  • BT will request you return the equipment back if you have cancelled your service while still under contract.  Exercising your right to cancel due to a price change will mean you do not have to send your equipment back
  • If you have seen out your contract with BT, then you are not obliged to send your equipment back.  This is yours to do with whatever you wish, however,  BT will write to you offering to take back old equipment so that it can be recycled.  This, however, is your choice

Here is some more information on Returning equipment to BT>



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Re: BT Awaiting Equipment Return why?

I recently returned my BT equipment with the return label and bag as requested as cancelled BT. The tracking says it has been delivered but BT still not acknowledged the receiving  of it and my account still says waiting on return if equipment. How long does it take to acknowledge of the delivery ?? Don't want to get charge for this.

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