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BT Pro Box Vsf: 4 now tv error


Getting the following error when attempting to watch certain tv shows.

So far:

Fbi International episode 3 s1

And portrait artist of the year s1e6 

Error below:

Oops something went wrong,' and in the bottom right hand corner 'Error code: VSF:4

This is via the now tv app on my BT device . The shows work fine via the now tv app on my phone. So I can only take this as a hardware issue.

So far I have completed a factory reset of the box, rebooted my modem multiple times and nearly taken a hammer to thing 😄

I've changed connections from WiFi to Ethernet with no success 


Any help would be great, so far customer service have fobbed me off via the webchat. 

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Re: BT Pro Box Vsf: 4 now tv error

that error code seems more likely to be one originating from NOW rather than a BT TV. Or Youview one which would suggest the error was detected within the Now universe. So not likely to a box hardware or a Youview software fault.  As Youview doesn’t allow reinstalling individual Apps/Players the factory reset needed to be done to achieve this,  

I deduce as you are experiencing the issue on certain shows that you are able to watch other shows  without issue. That suggests that there isn’t an account setting issue.

The fact that you can access the programs  on a different Now app on a different device with the same account  again suggests  there isn’t  an account issue.

So the prime suspect here is Now content area that the Now app is accessing. Would be interesting is any other forum member with the pro box Now app and the Now Entertainment in their subscription has the same issue as you playing the two programme examples you quote. if they do get same error that points to a specific general content issue which Now ought to be able to address reasonably quickly  , if they don’t then probably a harder content distribution issue to trace.

Briefly looking at the Now community forum  I do get the impression that there are a number of content playing issues that have occurred across various Now players in the past couple of weeks,



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