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BT Sport channels freezing, blocky or simply not working (IPC 6011, 6023)


For the past few weeks I'm have next to zero success in watching anything on BT Sport. I'm watching on a YouView Box, using a BT Broadband Extender Flex 600. I've tried repeatedly resetting the YouView box, and it makes no difference. Broadband speed seems fine. When i check the Settings it sometimes says that the box isn't connected to the Internet, and then sometimes it says it is. The software is up to date, but whenever I try to manually update the Players & Apps, it says that it's unavailable. 

I would try and check with a direct wired connection, but the BT Openreach socket (and there's only one) is at the other end of a openplan kitchen/living room, and so impossible to check.

Any advice?

Many thanks

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BT TV Expert
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Re: BT Sport channels freezing, blocky or simply not working (IPC 6011, 6023)

Hi @murthenm, thanks for the post. From the description it sounds like there's an intermittent connection issue (the IPC6011 error) or something that's preventing the set top box from getting sufficient bandwidth to display the picture properly (thats the IPC6023 error).

Both of those are probably due to the power line adapters suffering from interference from elsewhere in your house. Some of those items can be very noisy and can cause the bandwidth to reduce below which the IP TV signal is too degraded to be used by the STB. If you can't directly connect the hub to the STB to test without the adapters, it would be worth unplugging any other power supplies, usb wall chargers (e.g. for mobile phones) etc to see whether that improves things for you. 

Have a go and let me know how you get on. If needed, we can get some further hub and STB checks done, we'll need a few details to do that and you can drop me a Private Message by clicking on my name if needed. 


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