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BT TV Box Pro - Playing up again

This is my second BT TV Box Pro in less than two years. The first one was replaced after it started playing up and I therefore lost any recordings I had made on that box. Now this one is playing up even worse. It freezes up almost every night and have to restart it. Not ideal if there is a recording in progress at the time. Why can't these boxes be made more reliable and not constantly getting slower and slower all the time? I don't want to report it because they'll replace it again - not a bad thing in itself but the last time I was without a box for two weeks until the new one arrived. Also, I'll lose my recordings again.

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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Playing up again

I am checking these forums to see if I was the only one getting SO many problems with this latest TV box. 

It is truly awful!   Freezes constantly for no apparent reason. Have reset it twice losing all my program recordings but the box remains as useful as a chocolate fireguard.

I have been with BT for a long time now and their equipment has been spot on up until this model.

Of course, as you say BT will come back with the usual, reset this, do that...well I for one have got fed up of doing this while the BT box continues to fail every time.

I don't think it's the hardware to be honest but the software is so 'buggy' that we seem to lurch from one problem to another. First it's duplicate recordings, then it freezes while recording, now it just freezes any time it chooses.

I would be very interested to get some sort of reply from a BT techie as to what they are doing to fix these truly awful devices. I would suggest a product recall and start again from scratch to be honest. In the meantime give us our old, previous versions back. I won't get 4K but at least they worked!

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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Playing up again

The technical teams must be aware that there are issues with the BT Pro but are keeping silent, at least for now until there is a fix. Having worked in the industry there could be several issues:

Manufacturer problems, potentially a chipset problem this could be top of the list as many users find no faults but many others have continued problems. Sagemcom perhaps has no solution as yet! 

Box software issue again Sagemcom but also could be with Youview

All guess work but a solution is required!

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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Playing up again

My box decided to ignore the remote except for the 'BT' button during the football last night.

So I could switch off and on - but when on the only thing you could do was switch off.

I rebooted after the football.

Fibre 2 Unlimited using BT Hub 6A with BT TV Box Pro (UHD/HDR).
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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Playing up again

I have had same issue.
In my opinion, when the box works, it's just about ok, but too many tech issues to make it a good piece of kit.
Tech support seem to have gone quite, and the BT HD's only answer is to send out an engineer (why, the box is broken technically), or send a replacement. Straws and clutching spring to mind!
Fed up with it to be honest.


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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Playing up again

The box is almost unusable now. It freezes at least every second day, and now it has just decided of its own accord to reboot and therefore wipe the programme that it was recording for me. The problem is, I actually quite like the box, when it’s working. I could go back to my reliable Manhattan T3-R, but it can only record two programmes at once. There’s also the Aura, which I have swithered over buying, but I see a lot of poor reviews of that one. Not really sure where to go from here but it’s very disappointing. I guess getting BT to sort the problems out is never going to happen?

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Re: BT TV Box Pro - Playing up again

Don’t buy the aura. No now tv app and no Netflix
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