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BT TV Box & Pro Not working with D-LINK DIR-3060

Evening all,

This might be a long one but I can't seem to find anything else pointing me in a direction.

We recently had our BT TV Box and Pro Box Delivered Saturday. Installed them yesterday via Ethernet and had our channels added to the "Subscribed" Section of the TV Guide. To be greeted by a lovely message when trying to access them that shows the following "There's a problem with your broadband which is affecting Sky... Whatever channel I try"

My Broadband is FTTC with my nearest Green box around 30 or so Meters. Far enough out the way but close enough to see it from a window. I get 80Mbps Down and 19Mbps up so the error Code: IPC6023 Which it displays with that message above is obsolete. 

My question is, with my Third-Party Router; can I still use the BT TV Subscribed channels? My Router has both IPv4/6 Multicast Streams enabled and still nothing. I'm trying to stay away from the BT Hubs as I prefer to use my own equipment for internet.


Any help would be brilliant and if anyone needs anymore info about my setup. Please let me know. TIA

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Re: BT TV Box & Pro Not working with D-LINK DIR-3060

Hi @Mikey202 and welcome to our community.

I'm sorry you're seeing the IPC6023 error message. I'm sure I can help. Can you try the following, if it doesn't help the n I've dropped you a private message so you can get in touch.

Restart your Hub
Wait for the broadband light on your Hub to go blue
Restart your set top box, using the power switch on the back
Now check if you still receive the error



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Re: BT TV Box & Pro Not working with D-LINK DIR-3060


What modem are you using?

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