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Re: BT TV Pro Wifi with no smarthub

wow this is getting frustrating but at least I'm reducing my options lol.

Initially the FlexHD was cable connected to my switch (in the hall) and served as the uplink for all my other APs (except the legacy AC-Lite which is also cable connected to the same switch)

I thought I would have a go at moving around the APs so swapped the U6 AP in the lounge with the FlexHD so the U6 was now serving as the uplink and the BT Pro box connected to the FlexHD in the lounge rather than AC-Lite in the hall.

Went to watch BT sport just now and no signal,  couldn't even move off the previous channel (BBC1).

Everything else like Sky Atlantic/ Netflix/ Amazon Prime was ok.  Didn't try iPlayer which has previously been poor.

So...power off the FlexHD, check that the BT Pro Box is now connected to the AC-Lite and all is now well.  BT Sport clear.

I could next try and set the AC-Lite as the uplink AP but I reckon that would kill off any wifi6 - not necessarily a problem as only two devices (work laptop & iPhone) seems to have connected to wifi6 (ax) anyway.  Everything else is on ng or ac.

I will keep plugging away, testing options and posting in case this helps others

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Re: BT TV Pro Wifi with no smarthub


Have you had any more luck with this? I'm thinking of getting BT TV and have Unifi U6-Lite AP's and I'm concerned I'll have the same issue as I can't really hard wire the box in the location it's going to be in.


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Re: BT TV Pro Wifi with no smarthub

Wow old post revisited!  In short yes I did and it's all sorted now however I'm now running both the BT wifi and my Unifi wifi

Both Samsung TV and BT TV box are wirelessly connected to the BT wifi which seems to offer the best performance but I was able to connect everything to the unifi wifi too but there's still some occasional issues when going via unifi (I think b/c of the powerline adapters and where my cloud key is)

Long version:  

First off my CloudKey HDD died so I had some fun replacing that and restoring my network although this did give me the opportunity to reconfigure all the APs from factory default as the restore didn't go 100%.

Then the PSU on my hall switch (US 16 PoE 150W) died and it took me a few months to track down a replacement PSU and fit it.  I also had all the network stuff setup in a temp arrangement and this was running over the powerline adapters and was a bit flaky.

I'm now in the position where:

1)  internet <> BT Hub <> BT Wifi

2)  BT Hub <> US16 <> UAP-AC-Lite (wired uplink) <> meshed with all other APs (U6-lite & UAP-FlexHD).  I've left this all as default at the moment

3) BT Hub <> powerline <> US8 switch <> CloudKey G2+

Next step is to move the CK back onto the US16 and remove the powerlines as they can be flaky in my environment.

I've also been informed what I can now get full fibre (woohoo!) so will be deploying that next and look at reintroducing the USG.


Hope that helps




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