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BT TV Pro box issues

I’ve had a BT TV ‘Pro’ box for a few months now, and it doesn’t seem entirely reliable.

I have the following problems with it. I can see many other reports of these issues on this forum, so I wondered which of these is supposedly already fixed by software?

  • Sometimes its not possible to control the box from the remote. Restarting the ‘Pro’ box fixes it.
  • After the box has been set to a channel for a while it shows small jumps in the video - it’s easiest to see this on panning shots where the motion is not smooth. Changing to another channel and then back to the original channel fixes it for a while, but the problem does come back.
  • Drop-outs in TV signal: it shows around 94% signal strength and normally 100% signal quality, but signal quality sometimes drops momentarily to 0% with picture dropouts. The same aerial connected to my Sony TV does not show the same dropouts.
  • After the box has been on for a few days, it loses contact with the router. This happens with both ethernet and wi-fi. Only way to fix it is to restart the ‘Pro’ box. It’s a BT router so would be nice to think they should work well together?

Software version is 4.1.6 0.6.242 which I believe is the latest.

So which of the above issues should already be fixed?


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