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Re: BT TV falling behind


Can I exit my BT TV and Broadband without penalty please?

You can have the boxes back if you like, even though they were supplied prior to the change to rental rather than owned.

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Re: BT TV falling behind

You'll ned to check with the team on 0800 800 030, I can't answer that. I only know the email was sent re Movies 24 as I got one

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Re: BT TV falling behind

Regarding emails being sent out.

I didn't get an email about Movies24 either.

However, this seems to happen a lot.

BT can trace if a given email campaign was ever sent to you, as they have done this for myself in the past.

They can find the exact email and see if you where part of the group it went to.

In my case they could see that the email was not sent to me when It should had been, so again, they offered exit from my contract without penalty.

Hope this helps.

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Re: BT TV falling behind




Thanks for the link. I'll get onto that later today 😁

Good luck, I have been a member of the BT Trials website for over two years and never saw any opportunity to help with a new box. 🤣


You're not the first person to have told me that. A number of my friends had previously enrolled at BT Centercode and never got selected for any trials even though they all had extensive knowledge of and experience in testing multiple devices and services in the past. I suppose there's no harm in applying.

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Re: BT TV falling behind



True nobody is being dishonest here, but BT are not being upfront with their plans either. As an example, if somebody took the Classic Entertainment Pack, let's say primarily for Eurosport, and BT withdrew Eurosport next month, then that Subscriber would be left without being able to access the channel for the remaining 2 year contract. The whole model is confusing, substandard, and will potentially lose subscribers. Very sad.

Pretty sure that if channels are removed from a pack mid-contract, the user will be offered the option to exit their contract early.  Does anyone have any experience of this happening?

I was expecting that reply, but that's not the point. The average consumer wouldn't have a clue what was happening and it would leave a bitter taste in the mouth if their favourite channel is withdrawn without notice. And you would lose a subscriber. It is fairly obvious to us here that BT will drop the legacy channels bit by bit in due course, but not to potential new subscribers. Indeed there have been several posts from people here not understanding the packs available and have been annoyed to find that Alibi isn't with Sky One, or Eurosport isn't with Sky Sports. It's a bit of a shambles.

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Re: BT TV falling behind

One thing I've noticed whilst browsing these forum pages from afar are the number of people who would have previously been staunch 'supporters' of BT TV suddenly voicing displeasure at the new business model BT have adopted. I've also saw it on other forums across the 'Net.

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Re: BT TV falling behind


One thing I've noticed whilst browsing these forum pages from afar are the number of people who would have previously been staunch 'supporters' of BT TV suddenly voicing displeasure at the new business model BT have adopted. I've also saw it on other forums across the 'Net.

I guess it's a reaction to BTTV effectively becoming Sky's b**tch. 🤣

Times change though so we do have a choice.

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Re: BT TV falling behind

@Anonymous It isn’t just the forums, you should check out the comments when they run a ‘new BT TV’ ad on Facebook, they are brutal!


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Re: BT TV falling behind

Where I live (in a reasonably populated area in Kent) There is no Virgin presence and my only teal option for broadband is BT since all the other providers are essentially relying on BT’s infrastructure to provide unbundled services. When I signed up For BT TV a number of years ago The best download speed I could get was about 17Mb. Progressively the line has deteriorated and I’m now down to 14.18Mb. I can complain all I like but the hand back on the line is 12Mb so BT won’t do anything. 

I cancelled A Sky multiroom HD package because at the time Sky we’re looking for silly money to upgrade to Sky Q. My two failing Samsung SKyHD boxes needed replaced and again Sky wanted silly money. 

At the time BT offered me a package which with the exception of the Sky channels Which obviously weren’t included at that time it had pretty much all Sky had to offer for an Entertainment package.  On the up side I could add those channels cost effectively via a NowTV box and entertainment pass  so I didn’t really lose out.  The only channel I really missed was the Sky F1 channel which was grandfathered into my HD package. They had Eurosport included and that covered tennis, snooker, Formula E so my sport needs were largely satisfied.   The big wrinkle was since I had less than the minimum required available bandwidth BT refused to let me have a second box. Since my kids have all left home this wasn’t a deal breaker so we went for it. 

fast forward to the present day and it seems that BT have done a deal with Sky/NowTV  which rolls all the Sky channels as well as SyFy, Discovery,History,etc into the NowTV.

If I take the NowTV package through BT I lose some of channels I want and end up having to pay quite a bit more and I still can’t have a second box!!

if I compare the prices with those for an equivalent Sky Q package with Multiroom yes it will cost me a few quid more than I’m currently paying and I get all the HD versions of all the BBC channels and ITV channels and the option for 4K which I simply won’t ever get from BT. 

BT may believe they are improving their offering but I know there are lots of people in a similar position to me and to move to one of the new packages would cost me more and in reality give less.  In the past two weeks a BT customer services member confirmed this and advised I stay on my current package. 

BT have got this badly wrong and are simply b keen to offer customers in my position any teal incentive to stay and don’t seem to even have a roadmap for improving the broadband in our area which would be a start. 

yes this is a rant but with just cause!



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Re: BT TV falling behind

I'm sure BT must have carried out proper market testing on how the new NowTV proposition would be received by consumers, however, looking at some of the feedback on these forums I do wonder.

I have already made it clear in previous posts that I think BT have got it badly wrong.

I really hope that senior BT people read these forums and see for themselves what people are saying.

The problem with BT TV is that BT don't seem to know how to position it.

In 2016 Della Bushell (MD of BT Sports) set out to position BT TV as a direct competitor to SKY.

BT invested heavily in sports, right across the industry it was clear that BT was getting serious about their TV offering.

The low key and somewhat humble BT Vision was no more, BT was on a mission of investment, innovation, and best-in-Class features for their TV service.

BT was the first with 4K sports, way before SKY, audio also got special attention with the introduction of Dolby Atmos.

A trio of brand new Apps where rolled out, MyBT, BT Sports, and BT TV

More was to come... with the addition of a range of HD channels, all delivered over the internet in very high picture quality.

But I expect even as all of these things where happening changes to BT's vision and ambition for TV where already changing.

Della Bushell resigned from BT in 2017, the number of subscribers BT had managed to attract to it's new Youview based TV service where low, and certainly nowhere enough to cover the massive cost of BT's investment is sports rights, and not forgetting all the millions BT had poured into the development of Youview.

Then out of the blue BT and SKY announced they had agreed a long term reciprocal sports deal, therefore ending the competition between the two companies. 

BT seems to have decided that they are no longer setting out to be a true competitor to SKY and Virgin Media, in someways, it almost feels like BT is reverting back to it's BT Vision days.

The problem is that BT has never really been a TV service provider, their real business is making revenue from selling access to their communication infrastructure, i.e. telephone and Broadband, TV for BT has always just been a way to try and sell more Broadband.

It you look the BT Corporation's annual report that came out about 4-6 weeks ago it hardly mentions BT TV, I think out of something like 90 pages there is one, maybe 2 paragraphs.

BT have decided to focus on their core business, making money through charging for moving data around their telephone and broadband network, and NOT getting involved in high risk and very expensive content acquisition, such as sports and various channel packages, that they will leave to others, SKY for example has millions of subscribers, that gives them a lot of muscle when it comes to negotiating with the likes of UKTV for their channels, and so on...

BT TV is now all about stopping more losses, by getting content from existing supplies, such as SKY, Netflix, Amazon, etc.

BT are going to try and offer the best TV service it can while using "off-the-shelf" content such as NowTV. 

They will try and differentiate their service through things like their new "flexible packages".

However, industry commentators have said that this is really BT's last go trying to establish a commercially viable TV service, as they tried everything else and it hasn't worked for them yet...