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BT TV packages

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I have BT TV Sport package.  If and when I swap to Entertainment during the summer (!) am I right in saying Netflix can be added automatically even if our existing Netflix subscription is in my wife's name.  Or will we need to cancel that and take new subscription in my name as BT stuff in mine ?!  Also having Netflux through BT - can you still watch Netflix on their App 



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Re: BT TV packages

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There is an option to link an existing Netflix account and it will ask you that if you sign up for the entertainment package.

You can login to it on another device, but you can only watch it on one device at a time unless you upgrade your Netflix package. 

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Re: BT TV packages

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Hi @CB11 

BT email you a link where you enter your existing Netflix account details. When you go into your Netflix account on the web instead of seeing credit card information, you see a “Billed through BT package”.

Everything else stays the same (I.e yes you can still use their app etc).

The only thing to check is what you have now, I.e number of devices you can watch concurrently, HD/UHD etc. BT only give basic for free and you pay extra (via BT) for HD etc, however there is still a saving compared to paying direct if memory serves.