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BT TV settings for Android TV and remote question

Have a BT UHD box, and just got a 4K So y Android TV. 

What should the BT TV box settings be? Under HDMI settings, UHD 50fps 8bit or 10 bit? Not sure what this is. 

Also on the Sony remote on setup asked what want to control. 

In general it seems to control everything I need from the BT remote, but the “My TV” recording list is a bit of a pain to get to. 

On Sony remote there is a “rec list” button which would be ideal but it doesn’t work and is used for USB HDD recording I think. 

Anyone got around this, or know of anything can do


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Re: BT TV settings for Android TV and remote question

I use a Harmony remote control for all my AV kit. This lets you programme key sequences so you could set up a button to take you to My TV.

Actually there is a remote control code for My TV which the Youview box recognises though there is no button for this on the native remote and it is this which I set up some years ago but completely forgotten how. The details were posted on the Youview User Forums but not sure if they are still there.
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Re: BT TV settings for Android TV and remote question

Had a Harmony but wasn’t liked by rest of family. 

I want the Sony remote to work, not the BT one though. Most functions work, just want a 1 button way to go to “My TV” recordings. 

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