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BT TV with Sharedband Broadband



I live in the middle of nowhere and as a result have two BT broadband services and use Sharedband service and router to bond the broadband in order to get 4-6mb


The question is that all my internet traffic in tunneled to Sharedbands service and has a fixed IP address inside sharedbands service


While the broadband is provided via BT, all internet traffic is routered via sharedband so my traffic appears from another provider.


The question is, if I take BT TV as an add on and connect it to my internal network it will appear as a non-BT network connection on teh internet. Therefore does BT TV require you to be connected via a BT Broadband service? Will on demand (downloaded movies etc) and the remote record app work if the unit doesnt look like it is on a BT network? Or is BT TV on a closed BT inside broadband network which means teh YouView device will not be able to connect?


Sorry for the long question, simply don't want to get BT TV if i cannot use or get the pay for services or ondemand services

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Re: BT TV with Sharedband Broadband

All the BT TV services are provided over BT's own network, and never hit the wider internet.  You have little chance of any of the on-demand services working unless the TV box can log on to BT's network servers.

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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: BT TV with Sharedband Broadband

All of the youview functions will work (Catchup TV, Recording, Remote record) but you will not be able to open (or even see) the BT Player wich contains the Video On Demand catalogue.

BT TV expertSteveM
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