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Hello guys and gals,

im just looking for some help before i hit ebay for a replacement.


today ive just come home from a weeks holiday, and my trusty DTR-T4000 was sitting there with the red stand-by LED glowing away happily.

ive pressed power on the remote - and nothing happened... the red standby light remained unchanged.  so i tried pressing the power button on the top with the same result.

so i engaged in the first rule of tech support.  powered down at the mains, left it for 30 seconds and then powered it up again.  i was presented with the BT logo and the message waking up... the blue LED lit up nice and brightly... and i waited.  after around 20 seconds the tv screen went blank and i got a no signal message, then the blue LED on the set top box changed from blue to dim red.... at this point on the power buttons (on the remote and the box) were useless.  The red dimly lit LED stayed on for around 30 seconds, then that turned off as well for around 10 seconds before coming back red again.  as i watched the red led was on a really slow alternation between being on and off.


so i tried a reset and read that i can put the box into maintenance mode.  so powered off the box by removing the power cord.  held down the "down" button on the top of the box and recoonected the power cable... held down the "down" key until BT logo "waking up" and enter maintence mode prompt appeared.  the prompt suggested pressing the power button would confirm entry into maintenance mode.  so i pressed the power button and the prompt disappreared.... then the screen went blank again like before, with the "no signal" message on my TV and the blue LED changed for the dim red LED and the same cycle between the red led being on and off...

so i tried again, this time holding the power button to confirm entry into maintenance mode...


whatever i do, the result is the same..... i get the BT logo splash screen and "waking up" for around 20 seconds or so, then the box shuts itself down and doesnt respond until the power is pulled.

ive read countless threads about set topboxes being stuck in maintenance mode, but cant find anything about not being able to enter maintenance mode in the first place

i have even tried opening the box and discconnected the hard drive - as its out of warranty got nothing to lose... i read that starting the box with no drive would cause an automatica entry into maintenance mode -  but not on my box.

the only think i can think of is that its overheating or something....

can anyone give me any advice as to how i can access maintenance mode to restore my box before i resort to buying a replacement.


thanks for any help.



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