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BT YouView did not record

Hi, can anyone answer this?

Went on holiday 21 May, returned 28 May. 

Had Gotham and Have I Got News For You on series record. Prior to going away, recorded 2 episodes of Gotham and 5 episodes of HIGNFY without a problem.

Got home to find not only had Gotham episode 3 / that week's HIGNFY not recorded, but also the series record for each had been removed. The box didn't tell me this, I only discovered it when setting a series record for another show. So I had to set them both again. Normally when something doesn't record it's a failed recording and the series record remains in operation, but not this time.

My connection remains on and everything is working... now. We had no power cuts.

So my questions are as follows:

1. When are BT going to work with YouView and Humax to prevent issues like this?

2. Why were my series records removed?
3. Have all of my series recordings been wiped from memory so I need to set them all again? (And how do I check this since the schedule only shows what's immediately coming up)

I know it's all first world problems, I just want a reliable service.

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Re: BT YouView did not record

Hi @enormouschicken

a  few questions that hopefully will narrow down what possible causes .

Did anything  at all Record during the period you were away ?

which Youview box are you using ?

which channels and time slots did you have Gotham and Have I Got  News for you set on series record ?

Have you recently either before or after your holiday been prompted to retune your Tv Channels  and if so any recollection as to when datewise that was ?

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Re: BT YouView did not record

Thanks for the reply.

1. No, but no other recordings were set for that period

2. The recordable TV box (not 4K). Humax DTRT2100, 84B08500

3. HIGNFY - BBC1HD, Friday 24 May, 9-9.30pm / Gotham - E4, Sunday 26 May, 9-10pm

4. Haven't been prompted to retune my channels for months

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Re: BT YouView did not record

Hi @enormouschicken  thanks for the further details.

looking at the schedules I believe HIGNFY was broadcast on BBC 1 HD at that time .

However  the new Gotham season  was  I believe broadcast on E4 an hour later at 10pm than the 9pm slot that the season was previously being broadcast on Sundays as E4 opted to schedule a new season  of Marvel Agents of SHIELD at 9pm ? 

the reason I asked about retunes is that several channels moved around on the Freeview platform  from about mid May onwards. I think E4 was a change to the channel LCN so it moved position  in the guides , but I believe it remained broadcasting on the same frequency and Freeview mux.

So what caused your issue(s). 

one possibility is that your Youview box failed to come out of standby In order to make the recordings.

another possibility is that there is/was some  corruption or mismatch in the schedule data locally on your Youview box.

Another possibility is that the BBC got their data wrong or changed it for HIGNFY series, combined with different data issues for the E4 Gotham Series. (Ie two seperate data issues)

there could be other possibilities involving Freeview reception issues , transmitter work , atmospheric conditions but I would have expected failed recordings to be reported for those.

Unless you get any further advice from other forum members or BT  experts I would be inclined

a) to check that there isn’t an ongoing problem with recordings being made when the Youview box is in standby.

b) Do a retune on the Youview box to get a fresh list of the Freeview channels.

c) Not sure if you current have either the Youview App or the BT TV  App on a mobile device paired to your Youview box, if not an you can then check that the recordings showing as scheduled on the mobile app are consistent with how you believe you have requested them on the Youview box ?

there are further steps you could take involving maintenance mode resets and ultimately full factory resets of the Youview box.



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Re: BT YouView did not record

Thanks for this. I can see why Gotham wouldn't have recorded if it moved in the schedules (although I thought the box was smart enough to compensate for this.) I still can't understand why it would have removed the series record though.

a) Box still records from standby

b) Did a retune although same number of channels still available so not sure if this has done anything useful

c) I use the app. Recordings are consistent althoughI've added the series records back on so I suppose they would be

Anyway thanks for your help. That's provided some reassurance that everything is ok now. Don't suppose we'll ever know the cause which is a bit annoying.

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Re: BT YouView did not record

Update: since trying everything suggested the series records have mysteriously disappeared twice more.

I've done a box reset, so we'll see if they go again.

Not particularly happy really. Why do things suddenly stop working where previously they've been fine?

I'm going to suggest that a software bug is causing this. Don't see how it could be anything else.

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Re: BT YouView did not record

Hi @enormouschicken  sorry that your Youview box is not recording the series recordings you have set up.

I would expect that you have had this box for over 12 months so it would not be covered by the warranty. Have you renewed your BTTV package in the last 12 months?



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Re: BT YouView did not record

HI @JohnC2  I've not changed my TV deal since I got BT in 2011. Just on the basic package, no paid extras.

Current broadband, calling plan and mobile deal started end of July 2018. I imagine the TV is part of that package even though it is 'free'.

Had the box since 2017. It's worked pretty well until now.

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Re: BT YouView did not record

Update: Recordings made successfully last Sunday. Checked the schedule and sure enough following successful recordings, the series record has been wiped again.

Should I just be asking for a new box because this is getting a bit daft now.

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Re: BT YouView did not record


Have you tried a Maintenance Mode reset at all? This will often help with these types of problem. Look here

Try options 2 or 4 as these will keep any recordings and your scheduled recordings will be rebuilt from the cloud once you've retuned the channels.

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