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BT Youview 4K box - blank screen and unresponsive

My Humax DTRT4000 UHD BT Youview box has been getting more and more unresponsive over the last 6 months or so.

Frequently unable to load the apps eg Amazon Prime or Netflix - just loops back to the previous channel, requiring a reboot to get it to load

Often requires a reboot when exiting from a streaming app eg Prime, as it is stuck on a blank screen otherwise, with no response from the remote or set top box buttons.

Also noticing it now when  switching from a  DTT channel to one of the subscription ones eg 101 to 378 - again, very unresponsive,  and often a blank screen requiring either a power toggle via the remote, or worse a full reboot at the machine

I have performed all of the different reset options from the maintenance menu, and was hoping the recent software update may improve the situation, but it has continued, and in fact probably got more troublesome recently.

Used a number of different remotes, including Harmony Universal ones, as well as 2 diff original BT youview ones and tried masking up the remote window on the box to fix the unresponsive remote issues without success - some days it works fine, others it just won't respond.

Just updated the software on the box to 3.6.234 and 32.47.0 tonight, but still seems the same.

Not hearing any obvious Hard disk noises, but still wondering if the disk is starting to corrupt?

I have gone through the on-line fault finder, which suggests I need to call - I was hoping to be able to sort via on-chat, but couldn't find an option for that on the website.

Help please!

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