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BT Youview box failed to record again

I have just returned from holiday to discover recordings that were set up ,unfortunately didn’t record .

This is a recurring issue I encounter while away on holiday . No other channels were being recorded and no other channels being viewed at the time as we were on holiday together. It recorded the first four days the rest of our two week holiday says failed to record, ( ok I’m going to come clean, Love Island for my daughter which was set to record every day ). What I find happens is the Youview box seems to go into shutdown as I couldn’t even watch any channels or get a response from the remote to switch on Youview . I need to power off at rear then it wakes up and goes through its start up process . The box isn’t that new probably 4-5years and now I can trust, is a fix in place or new Youview required, can anyone advise.



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BT TV Expert
BT TV Expert
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Re: BT Youview box failed to record again

Hi @802502696 ,

Sorry to hear your Set Top Box didn't record while you were away. If you're able to send me your landline number via a private message I'll take a look at the problem for you. Thank you. 

BT TV expertGemma
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