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BT Youview loss of sound

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Hi all


Had Youview box since Sept 2015 and loss all sound last night for the first time.

Tried different reccomended fixes from user manual but no success.

In the end turned the power off on the box and re-started after a few minutes and it worked !!! 

Started Youview this morning and is still working


Thought this may help somebody with the same problem

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Re: BT Youview loss of sound

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Welcome and thanks for posting @Dudley1.


Really appreciate you taking time to do that. Post back if you have any problems and we'll be happy yo help.





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Re: BT Youview loss of sound

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I sometimes get this, the times I have noticed most are when changing from BBC news 24 to a channel like Dave, the sound just stops working. I'm not sure if it's always BBC news 24 but they are the times i have noticed it. Once the sound is off the sound is off for every channel.


The only way to get it back is a full re-boot of the box, I've tried changing cable etc with no luck.

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Re: BT Youview loss of sound

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I have noticed the same thing happening on my box recently, be turning the channels over from a internet channel e.g. BT Sport 1 to a freeview channel e.g. BBC1 HD, and the sound will vanish!  I try other channels but there is no sound on any of them, as already mentioned,i have to turn the box off at the mains and wait for everything to load back up and the sound reappears, i have to say this does not happen all the time, but a little irritating when it does!

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Re: BT Youview loss of sound

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I am suffering the same issue. I have had the box about a month now and on 3 occasions the sound disappears when I turn to a HD channel. I have to hard reset the box to get the sound back which is frustrating. Do you have a solution for this?

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Re: BT Youview loss of sound

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Likewise have same issue and i'm sick to death with problems with this box , box was reolaced a couple of weeks ago due to it failing to record indiscrimetly and after ages on phone getting cut off numerous times talking to various assistants. 

What seems strange is i have a 4k tv, i pay for HD from BT but they refuse to send a UHD box to allow me to use 4K even though i pay for it !

My sound seems to disapear after putting on pause for a few minutes then press play silence only cure is to switch box off and reboot dammed annoying if recording on other channels....

I won't be renewing my subscription and had so much hassle getting my phone and broadband set up with them i shall be moving supplier too... Disgraceful service !

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