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BT Youview weak BBC signal, old Youview box fine.

We purchased the origianl Youview box when it first came out a few years back but it got to the point of being exceptionally slow so we got the new BT box yesterday. Our TV signal has never been fantastic as we are close to a hill but we never had any issues getting channels with our original Humax box. We ocassionally had issues if the weather was poor but 99% of the time there were no problems


So yesterday our new BT box arrived, plugged in tuned, thought great until we tried to watch non HD BBC channels and we just get a pixelated screen with constant sound drops. So retuned this morning, went to BBC 1 checked the signal and got strength 40%, quality 100%, great i thought. Flicked round a few channels and came back to BBC 1 to find we are back to the pixelated screen problem with strength 40%, quality 30%.


I know the box has had a significant update but it seems the tunders arent as good somewhere?! We can recieve BBC HD channels with no problems at all.


What gives?

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