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BT website/database speed estimate is slower than my connection - cannot get BT TV HD max


I wonder if anyone has had the following issue, and if there is a known resolution.  After speaking to around 6 different people/departments I have no resolution:

My house used to receive about 11mbps connected to an FTTC enabled cabinet which had a long run of copper to my home.  A few months ago I noticed that my line had been changed onto a new cabinet much closer to my home, and my speed had increased to 40 mbps downstream and 10 mbps upstream (39 mbps tested).  At the time I was with Sky and I recently switched to BT.  When I went to order BT TV(HD Max) it would not process on the website or by phone as BT think I can still only get between 11 and 19 mbps which is not fast enough to sell me the TV package.

They have checked the line speed and agree it is fast enough but say there is no way round their ordering system, and because nobody I've spoken to has seen it before thay don't know how to rectify it.

Note in the picture below that the 'observed speed' is far higher than the estimation range.  This is apparently an openreach tool the ISPs are to start using to let the consumer know exactly what speed their line is capable of.





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