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BTTV & TVRemote (Sony Bravia) appear to be out of sync

Having changed my Panasonic for a Bravia, I had to be sent a new Remote Control for BTTV as the old one couldn't be tweaked for the sound control on the Sony.

The new one does work but to get any reasonable sound out of the TV, I have to take the volume up to 100.  If I then switch to the TV itself, I am deafened.

Is there some form of syncing needed between the BTTV remote and the Sony remote to have them work on the same scale

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Re: BTTV & TVRemote (Sony Bravia) appear to be out of sync

@Tartanjohn Thanks for posting and welcome to the community, I found this info on the help section.

If you turn up the volume to the maximum using your YouView remote but it's still low, it's probably because it was set low on your TV box when you paired your remote with your TV.

Here's how to fix it and sync your TV and TV box volume:

  1. Use your YouView remote to set the volume to half way between low and high
  2. Use your TV remote to do the same
  3. Now re-pair your YouView remote with your TV >
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