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BTTV box pro HDD issue

I'm having issues with my Box pro. At first all of my previously recorded and watched recordings suddenly displayed "failed to record" and wouldn't play anymore even though I'd watched them before and they had recorded fine. I contacted BT and was advised to carry out a full factory reset which would mean the HDD would be cleared etc. I did this and the box reset all channels and apps loaded and box appeared to be working fine. 

That's until I paused live TV and then went to play it again. It wouldn't play, it appeared frozen and the only way I could get back to live TV was to change channel and then change back. Luckily I was able to restart the program on iplayer. 

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with my box? Has the HDD become  corrupt or packed up?

Will contact BT tomorrow but would rather be armed with an idea of what's wrong rather than go through all the fuss of troubleshooting with customer service again. 

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Re: BTTV box pro HDD issue

Only observations.

The failed to record message in this instance  seems to be a misleading or wrong error message. As you mention the recordings were made and viewable previously it seems that subsequently they were not accessible which resulted in you ultimately beeing  advised to do a full factory reset.

As there have been  a few previous similar posts of apparently recordings made being listed subsequently as Failed i will alert the mods .  That will not  help you as youir recordings will have gone with the full reset.



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Re: BTTV box pro HDD issue

Hi @Spurs1  thanks for raising this issue - could you confirm a couple of examples of programmes that have recorded successfully only to then appear failed after watching, and what TV channel(s) they were on? 

I'll drop you a PM to get some more info on your TV Box so we can get some more information to focus the investigation - if anyone else is seeing this issue, please do reply to the thread here or drop me a private message so I can add you to the watchlist.



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