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Re: Bt Sport via Youview do not have infinity

Yes mate you can not get BT Sports on the Youview box with a normal copper broadband service but it will work on the Youview box if you have BT Infinity (fibre).

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Re: Bt Sport via Youview do not have infinity

I am in the exactly the same position. I bought BT TV in May, was told I could get BT Sport through the box in August, and was sent a Youview box. I do not have Infinity and are unlikey to be able to get it for the foreseeable future.

A few weeks ago I rang them after reading the blurb on their website, pointed out that I was not in an Infinity area and with a Youview box. They took my details and assured me that I could still get it through a normal arial, and that I would receive an email about it. No email has ever arrived.

I called them today. They agreed now that it wasn't available on a Youview box, and put me on hold while they looked into providing a Vision+ box. After hanging for a considerable time the line went dead.

This is clearly misselling

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Re: Bt Sport via Youview do not have infinity

Instead of the main number, try calling 0800 7310286 and selecting option 2.

The person I was finally put through to, and who sorted sending me a Vision+ box, told me I can call back on that number, and get straight through to the right department.

No promises, but it has to be worth trying!

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Re: Bt Sport via Youview do not have infinity

I have had the same problem sold a youview box but cant get btsports have been offered the vision box but you cant get HD on this which was part of the deal. Has anyone had the matter resolved and what have BT said about the massive mis sell of youview and btsport??  I also feel for BT Staff that are now dealing with angry people like me even when its not there fault. I cant believe it hasnt made national news.

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